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Creating business opportunities for local farmers in the wholesale marketplace while increasing access to fresh, healthy foods in underserved communities of NYC.

"Buy local" seems to be on everyone's lips and direct-to-consumer sales of agricultural products in the U.S. have increased dramatically in the past 10 years. However in spite of consumers' growing demand for locally, sustainably produced food, regional food systems often lack the infrastructure and support systems needed to move locally grown food in wholesale volumes to wholesale buyers such as food retailers, restaurants, and institutions.

Read more about GrowNYC's successful retail Greenmarket farmers markets here.

In response, in 2012 GrowNYC launched Greenmarket Co., New York City's first and only "food hub" dedicated to supporting regional food producers by making their products available to wholesale buyers throughout the city.

Our Customers

  • Greenmarket Co.'s clients range from Michelin-rated restaurants and specialty retailers to bodegas, senior centers, and soup kitchens.

    Greenmarket Co. helps each of our customers maintain a connection to the farms where their food is produced and provide high-quality, locally-produced farm products to the people they serve.

  • Gramercy Tavern

    One of New York's premier restaurants, Gramercy Tavern is committed to sourcing locally and seasonally.

    Watch the video and listen to Executive Chef Michael Anthony describe how Gramercy Tavern counts on Greenmarket Co. to provide the restaurant with menu staples and specialty items.

  • Greene Grape Provisions

    Greene Grape Provisions, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, has been selling high quality food products since 2004. Greene Grape depends on Greenmarket Co. to deliver local, seasonal produce like apples, strawberries, lettuce, and more.

    Watch the video and hear Produce Manager Mickey Davis talk about the value that her customers see in local food sourced from Greenmarket Co..

  • Blessings Food Corp

    Blessings Food Corp is a family-run bodega in Brownsville, Brooklyn. GrowNYC helps Blessings and other small retailers in underserved neighborhoods offer fresh, healthy produce to their customers. By providing distribution of high-quality local produce and assisting with in store marketing, GrowNYC is helping small businesses expand and making it easier to eat healthy in neighborhoods that lack fresh food access.

    Watch the video to take a look inside Blessings and hear Jessie Castillo talk about how it feels to be able to offer more healthy foods to her community.

  • Hamilton Senior Center

    Since 1973, Hamilton Senior Center has been providing meals, health programming, and activities to low- to mid-income seniors on the Upper West Side. Greenmarket Co. distributes to institutions throughout the city to help them provide fresh, healthy produce from local farms to the New Yorkers they serve.

    Watch the video to hear Aaron DeBroux talk about incorporating fresh produce from Greenmarket Co. into the nutritious meals they serve.

Our Farmers

  • Greenmarket Co. sources from small and mid-sized farms in the Northeast region – most of our product comes from New York State, but we also purchase from farms in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maine. Greenmarket Co.’s suppliers include 300-acre vegetable farms utilizing conventional growing practices, 200-year old fruit orchards utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM), small, organic vegetable farms, cooperatively marketed organic grain, and bean farms, egg producers, apiaries, and dairies.

    Buying locally is good for everyone: the fifty-three farmers we source from have a revenue stream for their home grown product; the land they keep in production is in agricultural use – not developed. Our customers can buy with confidence knowing that this is a traceable supply chain - a chain with very few links, from farmer to Greenmarket Co. and then straight to your door. Your consumers will thank you for providing the freshest best tasting goods and ingredients.

  • Davenport Farms

    Davenport Farms is one of Greenmarket Co.'s producers.

    Learn more about the farm by watching the video to the left.

  • Trapani Farms

    Trapani Farms is one of Greenmarket Co.'s producers.

    Learn more about the farm by watching the video to the left.

Seasonal Availability

Detailed product lists with prices are e-mailed daily. Request an availability list from hellogmco@grownyc.org.

Local Food
at Every Step

Successful food system operators are involved at all stages of a regional food system. This engagement allows unprecedented support to local farms and New York City buyers in the form of access to markets, Innovative partnerships, merchandising assistant, food access and consumer education.


I want to buy from Greenmarket Co. How do I do that?

Contact us at hellogmco@grownyc.org to receive a credit application and current product offerings.

Is there a minimum amount I need to order?

$250 per order (includes delivery)

Do you deliver everywhere?

Currently Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn. Sorry Staten Island! Soon: we hope.

How often do you deliver?

One to two times per week depending on your neighborhood.

How do I pay for my order?

Via check upon credit application approval; net 14.

Do I have to order every week to remain a customer?

No - you can order only as needed.

Can I get everything or just what's in season?

Only what's in season in our region i.e. Northeast US (with the majority coming from NYS.) See what Greenmarket Co. products are in season.

Are you open year round?

Yes! The bounty of the Northeast region is great and Greenmarket Co. distributes a wide variety of local products throughout the winter and early spring including apples, root crops, grains, beans, flours, honey, maple syrup, and eggs.

In the winter and early spring, Co. also purchases select products farms in other regions of the country whose practices align with our missions and values: small and mid-sized diversified farms that practice good land stewardship. This ensures that we can continue to provide access to healthy foods in underserved communities all year round, keeps our program staff employed and increases the viability of our program, and helps us move even more food from local farms.

We will always purchase locally when products are available in our region, and will always note the farm and town of origin on our product list.

Contact us

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PO Box 2327
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660 Casanova Street
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