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"Buy local" seems to be on everyone’s lips and direct –to-consumer sales of agricultural products in the U.S. have increased dramatically in the past 10 years. However in spite of consumers' growing demand for locally, sustainably produced food, regional food systems often lack the infrastructure and support systems needed to move locally grown food in wholesale volumes to wholesale buyers such as food retailers, restaurants, and institutions. At the same time, many communities lack access to fresh, healthy foods, resulting in health disparities between low-income and wealthier neighborhoods.

In response, in 2012 GrowNYC launched Greenmarket Co., New York City’s first and only "food hub" dedicated to supporting regional food producers and underserved communities alike by providing access to local foods to wholesale buyers throughout the city. Greenmarket Co. purchases local farm products by the case or pallet from mid-sized regional growers, aggregates clients' orders in our warehouse, and makes deliveries throughout NYC. Our clients include supermarkets, restaurants, specialty grocers, caterers, bodegas, senior centers, non-profit organizations, and our own food access programs in underserved neighborhoods such as Youthmarket farm stands and the Fresh Food Box group buying program. All profits go back into the program and to supporting other GrowNYC initiatives.

Olivia Blanchflower

Prior to the establishment of Greenmarket Co., Olivia Blanchflower worked on many of GrowNYC’s food distribution programs and projects serving low-income neighborhoods, coordinating the Youthmarket program, helping to plan GrowNYC’s first Food Box project, and providing support to other GrowNYC initiatives such as healthy fundraisers in public schools and plant sales in community gardens. As Greenmarket Co.’s Program Manager, Olivia oversees GrowNYC’s wholesale and food access programming.

Ashley Mueller

Procurement Manager Ashley Mueller hails from Minneapolis, where she launched and managed the Minneapolis Public School District’s Farm to School program. Calling on expertise learned from working with family-owned farms in Minnesota, Ashley sources product from Greenmarket Co.’s network of more than 50 producers, and coordinates delivery of high-quality local foods from the farm to our warehouse.

Juan "Mando" Zapata

Once a professional soccer player in Honduras, Juan “Mando” Zapata drove trucks for other farmers and produce distributors in NYC before joining the Greenmarket Co. team. Mando now uses his knowledge of New York City streets to ensure safe and speedy delivery of fresh, local farm products to Greenmarket Co.’s many customers.

Tevon McNair

Tevon McNair grew up in Brooklyn and worked as a teen at Added Value, an organization in Red Hook that provides young people with the opportunity to improve food access in their community and work toward a just food system. As a youth he learned about principles of sustainability by growing produce at the Red Hook Community Farm. Later as a Youth Leader he taught these skills to incoming youth, and traveled the country speaking to farmers market groups that wanted to add youth components to their programs. After working for other local farmers, Tevon joined the Greenmarket Co. team where he receives deliveries of farm products in our warehouse, inspects for quality, and prepares orders for delivery to our more than 100 clients.